Friday, 29 May 2015

2500 Year Old Solid Gold Bongs Found

Two Solid Gold Bongs where found in Russia. They are both about 2500 years old and Where used to smoke both Marijuana and Opium. I also read that 5000 years ago people would frequent Hash Bars. 8000 year old hash was also found in Egypt. Make us wonder how long has Marijuana been used my humanity and why in the last 100 years has become a big no no. The link below expands on the Gold Bong Story .

and the link below here is about humanities obsession with mind bending substances'

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Webster Dictionary Adds #ClickBait,WTF To dictionary

WTF,#ClickBait and emoji are a few of the new word Webster Dictionary have officially added this year. They announced 1700 new or changed words this year.
It is estimated that with in a 20 year period language changes so much that if you where forced to time travel 20 into the past, the people inhabit 20 years ago would think you talk like bit of a freak. If you had to go back 50 years , over 35% of the words you use would not be understood. Hence u would come across as a total dumb dumb.

DID YOU KNOW : Over 850 languages despair every year 75% of them are Scandinavian dielectrics.

DID YOU KNOW : South African has eleven official languages.
DID YOU KNOW : The longest English word is "Pneumono­ultra­microscopic­silico­volcano­coniosis

it is a lung disease caused by inhaling fine dust and sand.
this is the link to the original article that got me going "mmmm".



Wednesday, 27 May 2015

NASA : Finds a planet coverd in Marijuana?

I read an almost unbelievable story on line that NASA announced it had discovered a new planet, totally covered in marijuana. The article goes on to say that because of the data they have gathered, they are able to discern: The THC levels are 3000% that of here on earth. The article and a few like it are ether trying to pull the meanest joke ever in an attempt to motivate stoners. Or on the other hand its all true. I really can't tell, but please read the article below and let me know watcha think?

This world we live in is full of awesome and amazing discovery's, like did u know they used to put real cocaine in Coca-Cola ? ..... Interested? Click the link below to read on.


So your interested in face yoga? for those of you who are not familiar with yoga, it is a very old group of exersizes using both breath work stretching exersizes. the combination of exersize helps to let go of stress and reconnect with out spirit/soul as well as keep you young. Face yoga also acheives these things with the added focus on keeping the face looking young. The face exersizes also help us let go of energy sapping ego games. they also tighten out face muscles. my wife and i call it "The Face Kegel" ... ok only i call it that. lol.

This video is a great introduction to Face Yoga . This is one of Four video's in the set, ENJOY!!

ok im just gonna go and put the second video here too ....

oh look and the second one .....

and the fourth and final video ... p.s i really Enjoy this guy lol!!

if you would like to read about the hidden benefits of laughter click the link below ... and thanks for reading.